The Mansfield Area Historical Society meets on the first Monday, April through October of each year at the Mansfield Town Hall located at 7691 Toad Hollow Road, Little Valley, NY.

Membership is open to anyone willing to participate, support, and contribute to the purpose of the Society.  Dues are $5 per year, with active membership requiring attendance to a minimum of two meetings per year.

The purpose of the Historical Society is to preserve the historical records and artifacts of residents of the Town of Mansfield for the local community, interested visitors, and future generations.


  President Sue M. Cross
  Vice President Marilyn Siperek
  Treasurer Phyllis Krug
  Secretary Marilyn Hintz


  Wayne Kent
  Glen Sanders
  Benton Bryant
  Cheri Reed
  Sharon Pitzonka
  Marilyn Siperek
  Marilyn Hintz